Fruit Tree Netting (Lightweight & Rot-Proof)

If you struggle with fruit harvests being ravaged by birds and pests, our 20mm Fruit Tree Netting is the ultimate solution! This lightweight, rot-proof netting is easy to install and will protect your precious fruit trees from unwanted visitors. Made to order to your specifications.

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Easy-to-Handle Fruit Tree Netting

Our lightweight and rot-proof Fruit Tree Netting is a fantastic, cost-effective solution to protecting your fruit tree against common garden birds!

The 20mm mesh size shields against lots of bird species, including sparrows, starlings, and pigeons. Natural pollinators can still enter through the mesh, allowing your fruit trees to continue blooming and producing delicious fruits.

Our clever knotless design makes the net very lightweight, so you can easily shape and drape it over your fruit trees, securing it in place with ties or stakes* without any hassle.

It’s also stronger than our knotted nets, decreasing the risk of tears and holes that compromise the functionality of the netting and making this the top choice for many gardeners!

As well as being rot-proof, the material is UV-stabilised, making it resistant to fading and degradation from sun exposure. This means you can leave it in place all year round without worrying about constant replacements.

  • Lightweight & knotless fruit tree netting
  • UV-stabilised & rot-proof for longevity
  • 20mm mesh size to protect against sparrows, starlings, & pigeons
  • Stronger & lighter than knotted netting
  • Easy installation
  • Priced per square metre

*Sold separately. Don't forget to add some netting ground pegs to your basket so you can securely install the netting and protect your fruit trees today!

Please note: It’s extremely important to check there are no nesting or baby birds in the trees you net prior to installation. If you come across birds in your fruit tree and aren’t sure what to do, you can contact the RSPCA or follow their guidelines.

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Product Name Fruit Tree Netting (Lightweight & Rot-Proof)
SKU FT202-020-1
Assembly Required No
Usual Delivery Time 3 - 7 Working Days
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Instruction Please enter the width and height of netting required to calculate the price
Material Polypropylene