Plastic Garden Cloches

Ensure the vitality of your crops with a WM James plastic cloche! Perfect for cultivating a variety of plants, herbs, and crops, our cloches are designed to maintain optimal moisture levels throughout the year. Shop now and keep your crops and plants happy for a maximum yield this season.

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Shop Cloches For Every Type Of Garden

We stock a carefully chosen selection of garden cloches that protect tender plants from harsh weather and low temperatures. No matter how small or large your young plants are, we've got you covered with a range that includes individual bell cloches through to large tunnel cloches.

With over 50 years experience in the horticultural industry, you can trust our range of products which are chosen by gardening experts. We only stock top brands like Burgon & Ball and Hasnix giving you confidence that whichever cloche you choose it will do its job for many seasons to come.

Cloches Are Perfect For Nurturing Germinating Seedlings

Individual Bell cloches are perfect to protect seedlings, as well as tender and semi-hardy perennials. Designed to make gardening easier and allow the maximum amount of sunlight to be captured at any angle, and with adjustable vents, gardening has never been easier.

Tunnel cloches on the other hand are perfect for larger areas, such as raised beds, borders and allotments. The vented end design of our Kitchen Garden Cloche provides adjustable ventilation and allows plenty of sunlight through the tunnels for better growth.

Made with UV stabilised clear plastic, our cloches shield plants and help create a warm microclimate to protect and nurture young plants.

Discover garden solutions rooted in knowledge and experience at WM James. Shop with confidence and give your garden all the tools and equipment needed to flourish every season.


What Do Cloches Protect Plants From?

Placing a cloche over your seedlings and younger plants helps to provide a protective layer that keeps them safe from early frosts, slugs, and other hungry pests. A cloche is also great at protecting vulnerable plants and soil from heavy rain that can damage soil structure and seedlings.

What Grows Well in a Cloche?

Before you throw a cloche over all your plants, you need to know what will thrive under there. Ferns, orchids, anthuriums, alocasias, and tillandsias all thrive under cloches thanks to the high humidity that can be created.

What is the Difference Between Glass & Plastic Cloches?

It's quite rare to come across glass cloches these days. However, glass cloches can create a much warmer environment inside the dome. This is because the thicker material is better at retaining warmth. Plastic cloches give you more control over the ventilation of the dome with adjustable ventilation holes. This can make it easier to create the perfect environment for your plants and vegetables.

How Do You Secure Garden Cloches?

Generally, individual or bell cloches don't need to be staked to be secure. Ensuring the rim of the bell is pushed into the soil slightly can be enough to keep it in place. If you are using a tunnel cloche with flexible sides, you might need to use binder clips or pegs to prevent the sides from lifting up on the wind.