Privacy Netting

Privacy Netting

Garden Privacy Netting

Privacy netting from WM James is perfect for shielding your garden or patio from view, creating a private, secluded outdoor space perfect for relaxing, entertaining or just enjoying your beautiful garden. Get yours today!

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Privacy Nets

Is your garden victim to the prying eyes of nosy neighbours or next to a busy public area? Whatever the case, WM James' privacy netting is exactly what you need!

We have a great selection of privacy netting for keeping your garden shielded from view, so you can enjoy your garden as you wish without having to worry about others disturbing your peace.

Our netting comes in various sizes by the metre or by the roll, so you can quickly and easily cover the entire area you wish to screen off.

Choose from 2 or 3-metre widths, depending on how much coverage you need. Or, if you need protection for a very specific area, we can provide you with custom netting to fit your exact requirements.

As well as acting as a great privacy screen, our netting has the benefits of providing extra shade and wind protection for your garden, too! So you can even use it to protect your garden plants from strong UV light or harsh winds.

For the best privacy and protection for your garden, shop our collection of privacy netting today!


How do I screen my garden from neighbours?

The most effective way to keep your garden shielded from view is to use privacy netting. Our privacy netting comes in various sizes, so you can cover the entire area you want to keep private from prying eyes.

How high can a garden privacy screen be?

Typically, garden fencing cannot exceed 2 to 2.5 metres from ground level, but this can vary depending on local council laws and regulations. The same generally goes for garden screens and netting, but you should check your local regulations to be sure.

How can I stop my neighbours from looking over my garden?

Our privacy netting provides an effective barrier against neighbours looking into your garden. Choose your netting by the metre or roll depending on the coverage you need – or get in touch with us if you need something a little more specific to keep those nosy neighbours away!

What is the best windbreak for a small garden?

WM James windbreak netting is the best option for gardens of all sizes, small or large! You can purchase your netting by the metre, so you can get the exact length you need for the size of your garden. Our windbreak netting also doubles as shade netting and provides privacy from neighbours and passersby.