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When it comes to planting and harvesting there is no substitute for the right tools. Ensuring you are using the right tools for the job makes life so much easier and gives you better results. Generally small hand tools are best for this type of work. This is because it can be a delicate process, especially with younger plants and vegetables.

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Among our range of planting and harvesting tools you will find the ever-popular Burgan and Ball range. These tools are endorsed by the RHS and are renowned for their quality and reliability. Across the website we have a mixture of hand tools like trowels and cultivators as well as digging spades and forks. Each has its own unique use in the garden.

For planting in particular we stock very useful items including diblets. Diblets are used for planting seeds and small seedlings with great accuracy. The diblet has two elements, a rule and a diblet. The rule is conveniently marked with appropriate measurements at which to plant different types of vegetables. The diblet is then used to make a shallow hole in the soil in which the seed is planted.

Harvesting is equally important and having the right tools is key. A sharp knife such as the Burgon and Ball steel pocket knife will do the job well. Its stainless-steel construction means it is rust resistant. It has a nicely finished resin handle too for comfort and ease of use.

Brushes are also very popular, especially with those looking to show fruit or vegetables. Our popular vegetable brush offers fantastic value featuring both hard and soft bristles attached to a robust wooden handle. Other useful harvesting tools that you may be interested to browse include our wooden handle vegetable harvesting knife, the potato harvesting scoop and our asparagus knife.