Premium Aluminium Vegetable Cages

Premium Aluminium Vegetable Cages

Aluminium Vegetable Cages

These premium lightweight vegetable cages feature a strong aluminium frame for added protection and a coated finish for durability. Make sure your fruits and vegetables are safe with these easy-to-assemble cages - perfect for any garden. Shop now and get your garden looking its best! Read More

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Aluminium Vegetable Cages

Our aluminium vegetable cages are strong, robust and durable and are used to protect fruit, vegetables and even plants from birds and other animals.

They are easy to install with a simple aluminium frame, including uprights and top rails, and offer minimal maintenance so you can keep your produce safe without any fuss.

W M James aluminium vegetable cages include all the netting and fixings you'll need to get started.

Plus, whatever sized area you need to protect from the elements, we offer a range of size options from 2m in length and width, up to 9m - making them ideal for allotment owners.

Did you know that you can walk into our vegetable cages to tend to your plants and pick your produce, giving you complete access to the interior of the cage?

How To Install Aluminium Vegetable Cages

Erecting our aluminium vegetable cages could not be easier, all you'll require is a stepladder, mallet, screwdriver and a pair of sharp scissors.

Current vegetable cage users suggest a second pair of hands will help too!

Our 2m high veg cages include a 1m wide door for easy wheelbarrow access. The vegetable cage side net uses rigid black 18mm square mesh netting which can be attached neatly to the frame.

For the roof covering, we have used 20mm square mesh polypropylene which is tailored to fit the size of your cage. 'S' hooks are supplied to ensure any overhang is kept safe and secure.

If you require extra entrances to your vegetable cage, these can be ordered from us and positioned to your specifications.

Aluminium Vegetable Cage Contents
  • Heavy-duty 25mm OD x 1.6mm thick aluminium uprights and top rails (most competitors use weaker aluminium)
  • 360mm deep galvanised steel ground sockets - plotting out your veg cage before erecting is simple.
  • One 1m wide door that opens both ways with door catch - additional doors are available upon request.
  • Mushroom caps with bolts to connect uprights and top rails - stronger and more flexible than plastic connectors most competitors supply and they allow the top netting to slide easily across the top of the cage.
  • Plastic S-hooks - make removing/replacing the roof net straightforward.
  • Heavy-duty cable ties - releasable and reusable to allow for easy removal of the side netting.
  • Galvanised steel ground pegs - secure netting neatly to the ground leaving no gaps for pests to go under.
  • 20mm Knotless Polypropylene roof netting - supplied 0.5m bigger than your cage to allow for a 0.25m overhang all around. Strong, long-lasting and UV-stabilised.
  • 18mm extruded polythene side netting - Supplied on a 2m high roll for quick and easy installation. Strong, long-lasting and UV-stabilised.
Fruit Cage Gallery

Our fruit cages are installed in gardens across the UK. This is a small selection of customers that have bought our cages and installed them on their own patch.

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Vegetable Cage Manufacturer Since 1954

WM James has been supplying high-quality walk-in fruit cages and vegetable cages for over 60 years. Our customers continually tell us they are delighted with the service we offer. That's reflected in our Feefo gold-rated merchant rating.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with our team who will be able to help on 01308 425100.