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Insect and Butterfly Netting from WM James is an effective solution for controlling and protecting your garden. Made from high-quality materials and designed to last, it is the ideal way to keep butterflies and other insects away from your plants and crops. Get the ultimate protection for your garden today. Read More

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Butterfly & Insect Nets

If you need help protecting your brassicas and other plants from butterflies, then butterfly mesh is the perfect solution. Fend off cabbage white caterpillars and other butterfly larvae with our range of UK-made butterfly netting!

WM James's butterfly netting is made with lightweight and soft fabric so that no harm comes to your plants or to cabbage white butterflies and other butterfly species, but it's still strong enough to retain its shape and keep your plants caterpillar-free.

Our netting is UV stabilised, so you can be confident that your butterfly mesh netting will last you all through the summer and beyond.

We also have a range of sizes available, meaning you can find the right size garden netting roll for your garden or allotment, no matter what size it is. (We can also cut your netting to whatever square metre size you need for your specific application.)

Insect Netting

If you're looking for protection against the smallest of insects, then our fine insect netting is exactly what you need. With a mesh size of 1.35mm, it's perfect for preventing butterflies, aphids and other pests from getting at your plants.

Butterfly netting is the ideal solution to protecting brassicas and other plants from butterfly damage. 

Browse our range of soft butterfly netting today and protect your garden from butterfly larvae!


What size mesh will stop butterflies?

We recommend using a mesh size of 7mm or smaller for your butterfly netting. This will be fine enough to keep butterflies and other pests out of your garden without causing them any harm.!

What is the best netting for brassicas?

Brassica netting or butterfly netting is the ideal solution for protecting brassicas in your garden from butterfly larvae and other pests. Our netting is made from UV-stabilised polyethylene that is soft enough to be harmless to butterflies yet strong enough to keep them from reaching your plants.

Alternatively, fruit cages are also a great option for protecting your brassicas. They are designed to cover an entire area, providing effective protection from all sorts of pests.

Does butterfly netting stop bees?

If you want to stop bees from getting at your plants, you should opt for a butterfly mesh size of 7mm or smaller. This will be fine enough to keep out butterflies, as well as other insects like bees.

How do you use butterfly netting?

Butterfly mesh netting is really easy to use. Simply lay the netting directly over your brassicas or other plants and secure it with pegs or clips. The netting should be taut, but not too tight so that it doesn't damage your plants.

It's also important to make sure the netting is securely in place, as even the smallest gaps can allow butterflies and other pests to get in.