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Water Feature & Pond Netting

Protect your pond all year round with our range of pond netting! Keep out leaves and debris to maintain a clear, healthy pond! Shop now. Read More

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Water Feature & Pond Netting

Pond nets are a fantastic solution to dirty and messy garden ponds or water features. Our pond netting range offers a variety of sizes and materials to ensure you get the perfect fit for your outdoor space.

The nets act as a pond protector against unwanted leaves that have made their way into your garden pond and any other debris – particularly in the autumn and winter months. Plus, if you have fish in your pond, the netting can protect them from predators and other animals that could become a problem.

Our pond nets are really reliable, so you don't have to worry about any wear and tear on your netting. But if your net does need a refresh, our great prices mean that you can get a new one without the hassle.

Our heavy-duty pond cover net is the ideal solution for keeping birds well away from your pond or water feature – withstanding any pecking beaks or claws!

You can choose from a range of netting sizes, or we can cut your pond covers to any size you need! Just contact our team, and we can work out the best solution for your space.

Shop our collection of pond netting and keep your garden looking neat and tidy all year round!


Should I cover my pond with a net?

Covering your garden pond with netting is the ideal solution to keeping out any debris, animals or predators. We have a range of pond netting that's perfect for exactly that – take a look!

How do you put netting over a pond?

All you need to do is stretch your net across the whole length and width of your pond – it might be helpful to have an extra person to help you with this. Use weights, such as stones, pegs or screws to keep the net in place.

What is pond netting used for?

Pond netting is generally used to prevent any garden debris from being swept into your pond and creating a mess. It also does a good job of keeping out animals that might become a nuisance and protecting your fish from predators.

How do I protect my pond from herons?

Your best bet is to use a heavy-duty pond cover net. Our thick pond safety netting has a 45mm mesh size which is perfect for keeping out birds, like herons. It's strong and durable too – so it won't be affected by any pecking or claws.

Can you cut my pond cover nets to my specific requirements?

Yes! We can create bespoke pond netting to fit your exact requirements. Just contact our team and we'll be happy to help.