Thick Pond Safety Netting With 45mm Mesh

Our high-quality Pond Safety Netting will keep any home or commercial pond clear of garden debris and predators while creating a fall protection barrier. Made from knotless polypropylene for extra strength with a 45mm mesh for optimum protection. Order your bespoke size today for fast delivery.

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Strong & Durable Pond Safety Netting Cover

Our Pond Safety Netting effectively keeps your pond clear of unwanted debris, prevents predators from getting to your aquatic life, and provides a fall safety barrier for small children, pets, or public areas.

The clever knotless design makes this netting very strong and can easily support the weight of one person, so it will reliably protect your pond around the clock.

The 5mm-thick polypropylene also adds to the net's strength and durability, ensuring it will last for years to come and save you from having to replace it frequently. It's UV-stabilised and rot-proof for extra longevity, making it perfect for outdoor use around water.

Not only does our Pond Netting protect your pond and its inhabitants, but it also helps to keep your water clean by preventing leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling in with the versatile 45mm mesh

This not only reduces the amount of maintenance needed for your pond but also helps to keep your outdoor space looking clean and tidy, as well as protecting the health of your aquatic plants and animals.

The Pond Safety Netting is lightweight for easy installation – simply lay it over the surface of your pond and secure it with optional net attachments, ensuring the best coverage and protection.

  • Durable & versatile pond protection netting
  • UV-stabilised & rot-proof
  • Versatile 45mm mesh keeps debris & predators out
  • Strong enough to hold the weight of one person (burst strength = 3.2kn/mesh)
  • Easy to install with net accessories
  • Cut-to-size per your request

All of our nets are cut to size by our in-house team in Bridport, so you can choose the exact width and height you need to cover your water feature. 

Whether you have a small garden pond or a large garden centre display, you can trust our Pond Safety Netting to provide excellent protection.

We sell net pegs, ties, and other attachments separately, so you can select the best method for securing your net. Don't forget to add them to your basket before checkout to ensure complete protection for your pond!

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Product Name Thick Pond Safety Netting With 45mm Mesh
SKU 218P-045
Usual Delivery Time 14 Working Days
Unit Square Metre
Material Polypropylene