20mm Black General-Purpose Garden Netting

Keep your garden damage-free with our 20mm Black Garden Netting – the best general-purpose solution for a bird-free oasis. Made using quality, weather-resistant materials to provide year-round protection for your garden, feeders, and flowers.

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Weather-Resistant Black Garden Netting

Are pesky birds and pecking beaks ruining your beautiful garden? Our 20mm General-Purpose Black Garden Netting can put a stop to that!

Made with strong and durable materials, this net offers full coverage and protection for your garden or allotment. The UV-stabilised polypropylene can withstand all weather conditions, with a lifespan of multiple growing seasons.

Use it to keep your fruit trees, vegetable patches, and flower beds safe from hungry birds looking for a snack. No more ruined harvests or damaged plants – with our black garden mesh, your green space can thrive year-round!

It’s simple to set up and provides a stronger, easier-to-handle product than a knotted net.

The 20mm mesh size is effective at keeping birds out while allowing butterflies and bees to pass through freely, promoting pollination of your plants.

  • 20mm mesh with 1mm twine diameter
  • Made from UV-stabilised polypropylene
  • Suitable for domestic & commercial gardens & allotments
  • Black colour for discreet installation
  • Pollinator-friendly mesh size
  • Cut to individual specifications

Add netting pegs, ties, and clips to your basket to complete your order and start protecting your garden today!

Free samples of our General-Purpose Black Garden Netting are available on request. Contact us today to request a free sample and see how durable and easy our netting really is.

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Product Name 20mm Black General-Purpose Garden Netting
SKU WJ/GPN-202-020
Assembly Required No
Usual Delivery Time 3 - 7 Working Days
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Instruction Please enter the width and height of netting required to calculate the price
Material Polypropylene