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  1. Steel Fruit Cage Upright
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  2. Aluminium Fruit Cage Top Rail
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  3. Aluminium Fruit Cage Upright
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  4. Releasable Cable Ties (100 pack)
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Fruit cage netting is an essential element to every fruit cage. It protects crops from pests such as birds, deer and butterflies. Fruit cage netting comes in a range of different mesh sizes depending on the application you intend to use it for. It also comes in different thicknesses and colours.

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Bird netting and fruit cage netting are often used for the same purpose in the garden. 20mm mesh anti-bird netting works just as well as a top net on a fruit cage as it does protecting the rooves of houses and barns. This smaller size mesh will help to protect against unwanted visitors like blue tits and sparrows. It doesn’t harm the birds or trap them in the netting.

The sides of our fruit cages are made with 18mm fruit cage netting. However, a 20mm mesh would also be suitable. We supply both knotted and knotless netting for fruit cages. Knotted netting is rougher to the touch but very strong. Knotless netting is smoother and still very strong, but not as strong as knotted netting.

If you are looking for something that is a little heavier duty then we do offer 18mm plastic netting. The great advantage of using this is that it allows pollinating insects through the mesh. Due to its tough construction is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The 80gsm extruded polythene is rot proof and UV stabilised.

If you are unsure which fruit cage netting to purchase then we are here to help. We have many years of experience and can help you to get exactly what you are looking for. Please do browse the rest of our website where you will find a range of products for your garden. You can also request a free catalogue which contains our latest products and get it sent to your door.