Garden Fleece

Garden Fleece for Plant Protection

Find the most reliable plant frost protection with our high-quality garden fleece! We have a great choice of garden fleece nets and frost jackets in various sizes to fit over pots, containers, and garden beds. Order online today and make sure your garden is ready for winter.

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Reliable & Effective Garden Fleece for Plants

Keep your plants, crops, and flowers protected through the chill with our range plant frost protection jackets and fleece!

From simple frost jackets to full rolls of horticultural fleece, our plant covers for winter provide reliable and effective frost protection.

They’ll keep your plants safe from cold temperatures and harsh winds, while still allowing for essential sunlight and water to reach your plants, helping them thrive even in the colder months.

Frost Protection Jackets for Potted Plants

For potted plants or hanging baskets, our Frost Protector Jackets are the perfect solution. They come in various sizes to fit over pots and containers of all shapes and sizes.

Made from 35gsm fleece, they create a microclimate around the plant, trapping in warmth and protecting it from frost.

With a drawstring closure at the bottom, you can easily secure the jacket to your pot or basket, ensuring complete coverage and maximum protection. They’re also reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for winter plant care.

Horticultural Fleece for Larger Areas

For larger areas such as flower beds or vegetable gardens, our Horticultural Fleece offers excellent frost protection.

Made from high-quality 17gsm fleece material, it creates a protective layer over your plants without smothering them, allowing for proper air circulation and moisture absorption.

This UV-stabilised fleece is cut to size by our team to your specific measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for your garden. It can also be easily removed and reused, making it a practical choice for winter plant care.

Find the perfect plant frost protection solution at WM James & Co and order online today!


What Does Garden Fleece Protect Plants From?

Garden fleece protects plants from frost, cold winds, and harsh weather while allowing light and moisture to pass through. It creates a microclimate that insulates and shields young and tender plants, ensuring their growth and survival throughout colder seasons.

Do Plants Still Grow in Frost Protector Jackets?

Yes, plants still grow in frost protector jackets. The breathable material allows light, air, and moisture to reach the plants, thereby supporting continued growth and health even during frosty conditions. This protection ensures young and tender plants receive the necessary elements to thrive.

What's the Difference Between Frost Protector Jackets & Garden Fleece?

Frost protector jackets are individual coverings for young and tender plants, offering targeted protection and insulation. Garden fleece, however, is sold per metre and is ideal for larger areas. It provides broad coverage and a warm microclimate for beds, allotments, and border flower beds.

How Do You Secure Garden Fleece?

To secure garden fleece, anchor it with ground pegs, burying or weighing down the edges with soil or stones. This prevents wind from displacing the fleece and ensures consistent protection for your plants against harsh weather conditions.

Is Your Garden Fleece UV-Stabilised?

Our Horticultural Garden Fleece is UV-stabilised, which prolongs its lifespan and makes it suitable for long-term use. This is especially important for gardeners who live in areas with high levels of sunlight exposure, as the UV-stabilisation helps to prevent degradation and maintain the integrity of the fleece.