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Garden Fleece & Plant Jackets

WM James stocks a wide range of cut-to-order garden fleece to cover plants and provide superior frost protection in the winter and during harsh weather. Delicate plants often need enhanced frost protection in cold weather and crop covers like garden fleece are the perfect solution.

Using garden fleece encourages your plants to grow faster due to the increased soil and air temperature. Horticultural fleece also promotes heathier growth while reducing disease build-up.

The best time to start using overnight protection for tender crops and other plants in the UK is between November and mid-February. Using crop protection, even in mild wet weather can help them to thrive without the issues caused by frost, too much sunlight and insect damage. All of our garden fleece products are UV stabilised and rot-proof and offer plenty of benefits including:

  • Lightweight easy to use material
  • Can be cut to size at home using sharp scissors
  • Protects plants from sun, rain, frost and hail
  • Designed for maximum heat retention

Our specially designed garden fleece is lightweight and can be laid on top of tender plants and vegetables. Weighing 17gsm it will still let light, air and moisture in.

How To Use Garden Fleece

We sell garden fleece by the roll and by the metre. To buy garden fleece online simply measure the area you want to cover and calculate how much fleece you need. We recommend covering as much of the area as possible and if necessary using a double-layer for added protection.

To install your fleece simply cover crops with our heavy-duty fleece, secure each corner into the ground with metal pegs and at 50cm intervals on each side. If you don't have pegs you can always use rocks or heavy plant pots.

Some of the common uses for horticultural fleece in the garden include:

  • Protecting early potatoes
  • Keeping delicate plants out of direct sunlight
  • Keeping plants warm by covering the soil
  • Economical greenhouse insulation

Protecting plants with a fleece wrap will prevent damage from winter frosts and harsh weather. Our 17gsm garden fleece starts from £0.48 linear metre Incl. VAT with free delivery on UK orders over £100. You can cut the fleece to size at home with sharp scissors

How To Use Plant Jackets

Fleece plant jackets are perfect for patio plants and can easily be slipped over the top to provide instant protection. Our plant jackets are available in three sizes and start from just £5.40 for a pack of 4 small jackets.

If you have any questions, our gardening experts are on hand to help. Please call us on 01308 425100 or email