Horticultural Garden Fleece - Per Metre (17gsm)

Protect your crops from the chill with our Horticultural Garden Fleece! The UV-stabilised fabric creates a warm microclimate to help your plants thrive and protect them from frost, wind, and flying pests. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, this 17gsm fleece is sold per metre so you can get just the right amount for your garden.

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Premium Horticultural Fleece for Frost Protection

Our Horticultural Garden Fleece will keep your plants protected from frost damage and flying pests to ensure a bumper harvest come spring!

Made from a lightweight 17gsm UV-stabilised material, it allows air and water to penetrate while acting as a barrier against cold temperatures.

Versatile and easy to use, this fleece is sold by linear metres, so it can be cut to your desired length for custom coverage. Whether you're growing crops on a large farm or tending to a small garden patch, our fleece for plants is the perfect solution for winter weather protection.

In extreme cold snaps, this fleece can be double or triple-layered to provide adequate protection throughout the colder months without sacrificing the health of your plants.

This horticultural fleece is not limited to frost protection but also effectively keeps flying pests at bay.

The tight-knit construction creates a physical barrier that prevents insects from reaching your crops without hindering air circulation or sunlight. This makes it an ideal choice for organic gardening, as there is no need for harmful pesticides.

  • Made-to-order 2m wide Horticultural Garden Fleece for plants
  • Doubles as an anti-insect mesh
  • Suitable for home gardens, allotments, & commercial settings
  • Manufactured from 17gsm spun-bound polypropylene
  • UV-stabilised for longevity

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More Information
Product Name Horticultural Garden Fleece - Per Metre (17gsm)
Length 1m
Assembly Required No
Width 2m
Usual Delivery Time 3 working days
Unit Linear Metre
Instruction Please enter length of netting required to calculate the price
Material Polypropylene