Small Plant Frost Protector Jackets

Our Small Fleece Plant Jackets are the best plant covers for winter! The 35gsm fleece protects plants from frost while letting light and moisture filter through. Pull the drawstring tight and your plants will have their very own microclimate!

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The Best Frost Protection Plant Covers for Winter

Our Small Plant Frost Protection Jackets are the easiest way to keep your plants safe from frost and harsh weather during the winter, so you won't need to start from scratch next year.

Made from durable 35gsm fleece, they offer strong protection while still letting light and moisture through, ensuring plants get the breathability they need to grow their most healthy and vibrant.

Each jacket includes an integral drawstring for snug adjustments, providing maximum coverage and protection. This feature also helps plants create their own microclimate, insulating them against unexpected cold snaps and helping them thrive through the winter.

Designed for small plants in containers, these jackets measure, perfect for keeping your smaller garden plants healthy and vibrant through the colder months.

  • Small plant frost protector jacket made from fleece
  • Perfect for small potted plants
  • Internal drawstring for full coverage & microclimate creation
  • Allows light & moisture to filter through
  • Size: 85cm x 60cm

We also stock a range of garden cold frames and garden cloches to help you protect the rest of your plants in frosts and cold temperatures – be sure to add them to your basket to winter-proof your garden!

If you need any advice on how to protect your plants from harsh winter weather using plant protectors or garden fleece, send our team an email or give us a call. With over 60 years of gardening experience, our team is happy to help.

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Product Name Small Plant Frost Protector Jackets
Assembly Required No
Usual Delivery Time 3 working days
Unit Each
Manufacturer Code 35060085 / 75257
Height 0.85m
Diameter 600