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Garden pruning tools are essential for maintaining a tidy garden. Many gardeners choose to regularly prune their plants to keep their garden under control and encourage new growth. Due to the large variety of plants in the UK we offer different types of garden pruning tools to suit different needs.

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Secateurs are probably one of the most common garden pruning tools you will find in the shed or the garage. They are great for pruning and can be used for a variety of different plants. Secateurs allow you to make clean and accurate cuts by hand, helping you to get the desired result every time. Our Burgon & Ball Anvil Secateurs are one of our most popular products. This is because they are incredibly well made and a very reliable garden pruning tool. They are also endorsed by the RHS.

Other garden pruning tools that you may need when working in the garden include loppers. These are essentially a larger version of garden secateurs. They are best used on small trees and branches that require a little more force than secateurs. Our telescopic compound loppers allow you to get that extra reach without having to use a ladder or step. This makes them a much safer option as your feet stay planted firmly on the ground.

Another useful tool that we have in our collection is the leaf collector. These plastic collecting hands make clearing your lawn a breeze. They allow you to gather leaves quickly and move them to a bag or barrow without causing further mess or disturbance.

Once you have completed your garden pruning you will need a way to collect your clippings. For this you can use a wheelbarrow, a tub trug or a pop up garden bag. Each provide a place to collect clippings before transporting them to a composter or garden waste centre.