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Garden Butterfly Netting

Keep your brassicas and other veggies protected from hungry butterflies with our garden butterfly netting! A safe way to keep your garden and crops safe without causing harm to the wildlife. Shop our butterfly netting now!

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Nets For Butterflies

Are your garden or allotment crops finding themselves being nibbled at by butterflies? Our selection of UK-manufactured garden butterfly netting provides the necessary protection for your veg to grow healthily and happily.

Perfect for both domestic and commercial gardening, our range of butterfly netting provides effective protection from pests – without causing harm to wildlife.

Our butterfly netting is sold in either 2 or 4-metre wide sizes with your choice of length, so you can get the exact coverage you need. The 7mm mesh size is perfect for keeping out cabbage white butterflies, small moths and other pesky pests that can cause damage to your beloved plants.

It's made from lightweight and soft fabric, so it won't weigh down your plants at all, allowing them to continue to grow freely. The material is also UV-stabilised and rot-proof to last through multiple growing seasons.

Shop our UK-manufactured garden butterfly netting today and give your brassicas the protection they need!


What mesh size will stop butterflies?

We recommend a mesh size no bigger than 7mm to keep out butterfly species. Any bigger than this, and they'll still find their way through to your plants!

Does bird netting stop butterflies?

Typically, bird and garden netting has a mesh size of 20mm, which is way too big for butterflies to stay out. We recommend purchasing our specific soft butterfly netting as this has the optimum mesh size to keep them away.

How do I put butterfly netting on my plants?

You can either drape the netting over the top of your plants, using ground pegs to secure the end of the nets, or create a frame above your plants and then secure the netting to it. Our butterfly nets are lightweight enough to do both methods!

When can I remove butterfly netting?

You should definitely have butterfly netting in place in the spring, and don't remove it until autumn. You can even keep the netting in place all year round to ensure complete protection for your crops.