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Plant Support Netting

Plant Support Netting

Plant support netting is key to ensuring your plants stay healthy and supported. We have a great range of netting and equipment to support your climbing plants and help them to grow healthily! Read More

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Plant Support Nets

Sweet pea and bean plants are some of the most popular and easiest to grow - as long as you give them the right support!

Climbing plants such as these need some sort of support structure to ensure that they can climb and reach the sunlight.

Here at WM James, we offer a great selection of plant support netting and extra equipment so that you can set up the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Pea Netting

Take your pick from our variety of garden netting that's ideal for providing support and protection to your climbing garden plants.

Our netting is light and thin enough as to not weigh down your plants, but strong enough to withstand any harsh weather conditions or pecking beaks!

We have bean and pea netting, plastic garden netting and even biodegradable jute netting should you prefer something more eco-friendly.

Climbing Plant Frame

As well as our popular plant support netting, we have a selection of equipment you can use to create a climbing plant frame to support your plants.

Our bamboo plant support sticks are ideal for staking in the ground and can be used to create your own frame shapes.

Or, we have a ready-made sweat pea support frame equipped with all the pegs, poles and supports you need.

Shop our range of plant support netting, climbing frames and more today! We have everything you need to help your plants grow to their fullest and most healthy potential.


What to use to support climbing plants?

Using garden netting is a great way to provide support and protection for your climbing plants. We have a variety of different types, including bean netting, pea netting and plastic garden netting. Use support sticks to hold the netting upright and give guidance to your plants as they grow.

Can you use netting for sweet peas?

Sweat pea netting is a popular solution to support climbing plants. It's strong enough to provide guidance to your plant while also being light enough to not weigh it down.

How do you secure netting over plants?

The best way to cover your plants with garden netting is to create a frame using plant support sticks or a pre-made climbing frame. Secure the netting onto the frame with garden wire and make sure it's taut and secured.

Does netting protect plants from slugs?

Provided that the mesh size of your netting is small enough, then garden netting can be a great way to keep slugs away from your plants. Our fine mesh netting is ideal for keeping even the smallest of insects away from your crops.