Garden Netting

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Gardening Netting

Are you looking to protect your plants from garden pests such as birds, deer and rabbits? WM James sells a wide range of garden netting that can be used to protect plants and trees, support climbing plants and prevent damage from garden pests, including birds, deer and rabbits. We also offer custom-made nets that can be produced to any size or shape.

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Netting For Gardens & Allotments

Garden netting is a garden must have that every garden owner should consider buying - not only does it protect plants, but it also prevents damage to your garden.

Netting can be used in many ways around the garden, including:

  • Protecting fruit and vegetables from birds and other small animals such as deer, rabbits and squirrels.
  • Supporting climbers such as roses, grapevines and clematis to stop them from damaging garden structures or even breaking off in strong winds.

Not only is garden netting great for protecting your garden from garden pests it can also be used to protect individual items such as garden furniture, plant pots or even the barbecue!

Choosing The Best Garden Netting

Garden netting is available in a range of different mesh sizes, including:

  • 20mm/12" - perfect for preventing damage from small pests like birds and rabbits.
  • 60mm/24" - perfect for gardeners with medium-sized gardens, garden climbers or garden structures such as pergolas where you want to support plants without covering your trellis completely.
  • 100mm/40" - perfect if you have lots of garden climbing plants or garden structures you want to protect from garden pests.

Our garden nets are made using 100% polyethene which is UV protected and rot-proof - the best material to use for gardening netting and for protecting garden plants.

Other Types Of Garden Netting

Other types of garden netting we sell include plastic plant support netting, deer netting and pond safety netting. We also sell garden fleece and plant frost protection jackets that are very popular in the autumn and winter.

We offer free standard UK delivery on all orders over £100.

For more information about choosing the best garden netting for your project and how to protect your garden plants, garden structures, or garden furniture, visit our blog.