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  1. Plastic Garden Track
    From: £23.88 Incl. VAT
  2. Revive
    £8.52 Incl. VAT
  3. Dibblet
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    Seed Packet Organiser
    £23.99 Incl. VAT
  5. Dibber
    £17.99 Incl. VAT
  6. Half Moon Lawn Edger
    £29.99 Incl. VAT
  7. Potato Harvesting Scoop
    £19.98 Incl. VAT
  8. Fruit & Veg Snip
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    Apple Picker with Handle
    £15.98 Incl. VAT
  10. Pop Up Garden Bin
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    Euro Incinerator
    £38.46 Incl. VAT
  12. Handheld Leaf Grabber
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Our garden maintenance section covers a range of different products. Many are useful for tidying and looking after your garden all year round. You will find a mixture of carefully chosen products that we have selected based on our 60+ years in the industry. We only stock the products that we feel are best for our customers.

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In our growing solutions area, you will find some fantastic capillary mats. These mats are used by professional landscapers, gardeners are garden centers to evenly distribute water among their plants. They compromise of 14 different layers knitted together to form a rot proof mat that can be turned over and used for multiple seasons.

Having the right growing conditions and substrate for your plants is essential for maintaining a healthy garden. You can create your own high-quality compost using a compost bin or a wormery. These garden staples have been used by gardeners for years. They are a great place to dispose of clippings and food waste that eventually get turned into a rich compost. We stock both compost bins and wormeries on our website.

For the garden rubbish that isn’t suitable for use in the compost bin you will probably need to use an incinerator. Our Euro incinerator is made from high quality galvanised steel. It features ventilation holes in the base and a lid with a chimney. This makes for very effective combustion. The internal capacity of the Euro incinerator is 8 litres.

Water butts and Irrigation systems make up our small but necessary watering range. If you want a successful garden or greenhouse then watering is a time-consuming activity that you won’t be able to do without. We make it easier and more enjoyable with a great range of garden watering products. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.