Short Handle Bulb Planter

The Short Handle RHS endorsed Bulb Planter has a deep serrated edge to cleanly penetrate packed ground.
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Short Handle Bulb Planting Tool

When planting bulbs, you can save so much time and energy with our short handle bulb planting tool. This device allows you to remove a 6 cm diameter core of soil to a depth of 4 inches. This leaves plenty for the smallest or thickest of bulbs.

- Handheld
- UK-manufactured
- Reliable and durable

Another standout feature of this short handle bulb planting tool is its deep serrated edge. This design makes it far more capable of penetrating the packed ground.

A Bulb Planting Tool for Every Gardener

We're proud to say that our bulb planting tool is endorsed by the trusted and prestigious Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). It's well-designed, has a comfortable handle, and allows for much more precise planting. It's exceptionally easy to use, making it a favourite among both beginner and pro gardeners.

Why Choose William James for Your Bulb Planting Tool?

When you order your bulb planting tool from William James, you can enjoy a 30-day return period, fast deliveries, and free shipping across the UK on orders over £100!


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Product Name Short Handle Bulb Planter
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