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Add an extra element of beauty to your outdoor space with our garden arches. Our collection includes wooden garden archways perfect for creating a serene, peaceful atmosphere. Explore our options and order yours today.


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Wooden Garden Arches

A garden arch can tie together your outdoor space and create a truly tranquil setting. Our wooden garden arches are made from FSC and rot-proof softwood, providing a long-lasting addition to your garden.

Our collection includes various garden arch shapes, so you can choose whichever best fits your garden's aesthetic. Whether you're after a traditional or more modern structure, you're sure to find the perfect archway at William James & Co.

These garden arches are designed with trellises which allows you to train climbing plants to grow up the sides, creating a beautiful focal point. You can even stain or paint the timber for a personalised touch.

You'll also find garden arches from the iconic Rowlinson brand, renowned for its quality garden products and accessories. We only provide the best quality garden arches so you can enjoy them for years.

Browse our selection of wood garden arches today and make the most of your outdoor space.

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How Do You Attach Garden Arches to the Ground?

Garden arches can be slotted into the ground in your turf or soil. Ensure the holes are deep enough for the arch to be secured in place. Alternatively, you can place your garden arch on top of a patio.

Do You Need to Concrete in a Garden Arch?

You don't have to concrete your garden archway, but it might be a good idea if your garden is often exposed to high winds.

What is the Best Material for Garden Arches?

Natural materials are usually best for garden arches because they create a more natural aesthetic. Make sure you're opting for rot-proof wood so you can enjoy your archway for many years. A metal garden arch is also a good choice, but it can be prone to rusting when kept outside over long periods.

How High Should a Garden Arch Be?

A garden arch should be around 2 metres or 6 feet tall. This gives plenty of space for most people to walk through the arch, allowing you to plant various climbing plants and flowers around it.