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Fruit Cage Nets

Fruit cage netting from W.M. James is the perfect solution for protecting your fruit and vegetables from pests. Our netting is strong and durable and is available in a range of sizes to fit your individual needs. Don't let pests ruin your garden – get your fruit cage netting from W.M. James today! Read More

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Fruit Nets

Are you an avid gardener who enjoys growing delicious fruits and vegetables? Fruit cages are a fantastic way to protect your produce from birds, animals and any other uninvited guests!

At WM James, we offer a variety of fruit cage netting solutions to suit all your needs. Whether you're after a replacement for your existing brassica cage or you're building a DIY fruit cage, we have the perfect netting for you!

Knotted Fruit Cage Netting

Our UV-stabilised knotted fruit cage netting is ideal for replacing any worn or torn parts of your existing cage. It is made from strong polyethylene, so you can have full confidence that it will protect your fruit and veg from any hungry predators.

And our anti-bird netting is just as good an option! With a heavy-duty mesh, this netting is robust enough to prevent even the most determined birds from getting into your fruit and vegetable cages or garden plants.

Mesh Sizes

A fruit cage mesh size of 20mm is ideal for your garden cages to keep your crops safe and sound.

We also have a range of multi-purpose garden netting available, so you can be sure that the whole of your garden is protected.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced gardener, WM James has the perfect fruit nets solution to keep your fruits and vegetables safe. Shop our garden netting range today!


What is the best netting for a fruit cage?

There are many different mesh sizes available for garden netting, but for fruit cages, a mesh of 20mm is the most optimal size. This size gives you the perfect balance between keeping your garden safe and allowing air ventilation for your plants to thrive.

WM James is perfect for replacing your fruit cage netting or even for building your own!

What is the best netting for fruit bushes?

A lightweight and strong netting is best for protecting your fruit bushes from birds and other animals. Our anti-bird netting is perfect for this application, as it has a heavy-duty mesh that can keep out even the most determined birds. It is also UV-stabilised, so it won't degrade in the sun..

How do you cover fruit trees with bird netting?

Covering your fruit trees with bird netting is a simple process! Drape your mesh over the branches of your tree, making sure to cover all areas that the birds could access. Secure the netting firmly with pegs, pulling the netting taut.

Should strawberries be covered with netting?

The most effective way of protecting strawberries from birds and butterflies is definitely to cover them with anti-bird netting. We have a range of netting sizes available, so you can find the perfect one for your specific needs..