Heavy Duty Garden Bird Netting Made To Order

Our Heavy-Duty Garden Bird Netting is the ultimate solution to safeguarding your outdoor space from feathered fiends. Made from 7-strand twist polypropylene, the net is fully weatherproof and UV-stabilised for all-year longevity.

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Bespoke Heavy-Duty Bird Netting

Protect your fruits, veggies, and flowers from sparrows, starlings, and pigeons with our Heavy-Duty Garden Bird Netting!

The net is very versatile and can be used for a whole host of applications, including draping over crops, vegetable patches, worm farms, and fruit cages.

It's made from heavy-duty polyethylene, which is fully weatherproof and UV-stabilised for maximum durability. The 7-strand twist design adds strength, making it more difficult for pecking beaks to get through.

Despite its robust design, our Garden Bird Netting is lightweight, allowing for easy installation wherever your garden needs protection. It can also be cut with scissors if you need to slightly adjust your net once it's in place so you can fully customise the size and shape to your needs.

The nets 20mm mesh size ensures that it's effective at keeping out even the smallest of birds, while still allowing for proper air circulation and water drainage. You can ensure your crops, fruit trees, and veggies are growing healthily without the interference of hungry birds.

  • Heavy-duty garden bird netting made from polyethylene
  • 20mm mesh size protects against small birds
  • UV-stabilised & fully weather-treated
  • 7-strand 1mm-thick twine tightly twisted together
  • Can be used for fruit cages, vegetable patches, & other home & commercial use
  • Made to custom width & height

Our bird net fixings and accessories are sold separately, so make sure to add them to your basket before checking out!

If you'd like to request a free-of-charge net sample, please send us an email or give us a call.

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Product Name Heavy Duty Garden Bird Netting Made To Order
Assembly Required No
Usual Delivery Time 3 - 7 Working Days
Unit Square Metre
Instruction Please enter the width and height of netting required to calculate the price
Material Polyethylene