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Are you looking for a fruit cage to protect your plants, vegetables and fruits? William James sets the standard for fruit cages, with 60+ years of experience in fruit cage manufacturing.

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We aim to consistently create the highest quality, most durable and delightfully practical fruit cages for our customers. Our fruit cages offer unbeatable strength and durability as we manufacture our fruit cage frames from steel and aluminium.

Our steel walk-in fruit cage and aluminium walk-in fruit cage come complete with fruit cage fixings like mushroom caps and fruit cage netting. We cut the netting to size for every order giving you peace of mind that your frame and netting will match up perfectly.  

As an expert fruit cage manufacturer, we can make bespoke fruit cages to fit your needs. If you can't find the size, get in touch with our team.

Fruit Cage Buying Advice 

If you're new to fruit cages or aren't sure which type of fruit cage to buy, watch our short video with tips for buying a fruit cage.



Fruit Cage Reviews

"Prompt service. I purchased a fruit cage - I am very pleased with the quality - I had looked at a number of others before choosing this one. Having firmer netting down the sides is a definite plus. I would definitely recommend." - 5 Star Feefo Review.


Fruit Cage Image Gallery

Customers often send us pictures once they have installed their fruit cage. This is a small section of our most recent favourites. You can view more fruit cage pictures and find plenty of garden inspiration in our fruit and vegetable gallery.


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