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Are you looking for an aluminium or steel fruit cage to protect your plants, vegetables and fruit bushes? William James sets the gold standard when it comes to fruit cages. Read More

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Walk-In Fruit Cages

Welcome to WM James &Co. , the leading supplier of quality fruit cages! With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide a wide selection of fruit cages to suit all needs, from small orchards to larger commercial crops.

Our range of cages are designed to protect your fruit and vegetables from birds and other pests, giving you peace of mind.




Steel & Aluminium Fruit Cages

We stock aluminium and steel walk-in fruit cages as well as low vegetable cages and strawberry cages. Our aluminium fruit cages have a powder-coated aluminium frame and come supplied with good quality fruit cage netting and fixings.

If you're looking for steel fruit cages, these provide extra strength vs aluminium and are very long-lasting. Steel fruit cages also come with netting made for the cage.

Both our aluminium fruit cages and steel cages can be made to bespoke sizes. This makes them perfect for use as walk-in fruit cages and lower vegetable cages.

Simply visit the fruit or vegetable cages you'd like to buy, enter the dimensions you want to cage to be, and we'll make your fruit cage to order, complete with bespoke cut bird netting. There is no delivery charge on fruit cages delivered to the UK on orders over £100.

We aim to consistently create the highest quality, most durable and delightfully practical fruit cages for our customers. Our fruit cages offer unbeatable strength and durability and will stop birds and other animals from gaining access to your crops so that you can grow your own fruit and vegetables safely!

Fruit Cage Buying Advice

If you've never purchased a fruit cage before or aren't sure which is the best fruit cage to buy, watch our short video with tips for buying a fruit cage. Aluminium fruit cages are good quality and popular for use at home and if you plan to take the fruit cage down at the end of the season. The powder-coated aluminium tubing is lightweight but robust, and the frame is easy to install.

On the other hand, steel fruit cages are much more heavy-duty and, once installed, generally stay in the same spot. This makes a steel cage ideally suited to allotments and large gardens. If you need extra strength and a fixed, solid frame, then steel is for you.

We supply all of our fruit cages with bird netting and fruit cage top netting, so you don't need to worry about buying extra fruit cage netting and cutting it to size. If you do need to purchase netting for your fruit cage, we can make netting to any size and shape, even if you didn't buy your fruit cage from us!

Bush & Vegetable Cages

Walk-in fruit cages are usually suited for use at allotments and for gardeners who don't want to move the cage whenever they pick fruit or vegetables. Walk-in cages have a fruit cage door to give you easy access, even with a wheelbarrow!

If you're planning to grow fruit bushes and low-growing plants and vegetables, a low vegetable cage might be for you. These offer all-around protection and will keep your plants happy while they grow and do their thing.

Lower fruit cages will still stop birds and animals from getting to your fruit and veg, but you will have to move it to gain access. Aluminium fruit cages are best suited because the aluminium tubing is much lighter, making it easier to move than steel fruit cages.

Fruit Cage Video Tips & Advice

Reviews Of Our Fruit Cages

We've manufactured and sold a staggering number of fruit cages since opening up shop over 60 years ago, and we love hearing feedback and review from our customers, just like these.

"Prompt service. I purchased a fruit cage - I am very pleased with the quality - I had looked at a number of others before choosing this one. Having firmer netting down the sides is a definite plus. I would definitely recommend it." - 5 Star Feefo Review.

"This is just a note to thank you so much for supplying my recent order for a fruit cage so very promptly. It arrived yesterday, and I have just been unpacking it, and am delighted with the quality and robust frame. I am grateful. -  David Houston

If you've bought a fruit cage, don't forget to tag us in your fruit cage pictures on social media. You can find out accounts here: Facebook, Pinterest.


Fruit Cage Image Gallery

Like reviews, our fruit cage customers often send us pictures once they have installed their fruit cages. We see a huge range of installations, from kitchen gardens to allotments and smaller garden spaces, growing a range of produce, including sweet peas, raspberries, carrots, potatoes and more.

Flick through our fruit and vegetable cage gallery to find some fruit cage inspiration for keeping your own fruits and vegetables happy over the growing season!

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