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  1. Workshop Range 9 x 12
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  2. Workshop Range 9 x 6
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  3. Workshop Range 9 x 18
    £2,329.99 Incl. VAT
  4. Workshop Range 9 x 15
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  5. Workshop Range 9 x 9
    £1,559.99 Incl. VAT
  6. Potting Store
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    Wooden Box Store
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  8. Double Wooden Bin Store
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Garden sheds and garden workshops are an important addition to any garden, allotment or plot. They provide a safe and secure place to keep tools as well as keeping them away from the elements. For those with bigger spaces we also have a small range of wooden garden workshops. These are perfect for storage and as a space to work on projects. Browse our excellent range of strong and long-lasting sheds, workshops and mini storage solutions for all your garden essentials.

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The size of the garden shed you choose will largely depend on the plot, rather than what you choose to store inside it. However, if you are storing equipment like mowers and strimmers you may choose a slightly larger garden shed. You may also choose to incorporate a potting store into your space.

Our heavy-duty Shiplap Sheds are manufactured from interlocking tongue and groove boards. The timber boards are surface treated and come with an impressive 10-year anti rot guarantee. Pressure Treated Overlap Sheds require low maintenance and have a 15-year anti rot guarantee.

One of the great advantages of a garden shed or garden workshop is that they are versatile. In the winter they can be used for storage and in the summer, they may be used for planting and growing. It’s not just gardens that sheds are limited to either. Sports clubs, schools and community projects all make use of garden sheds. They are a cheap temporary structure and provide a good level of protection.

Our range of garden sheds and garden workshops will be growing over the coming seasons. If we don’t quite have what you’re looking for then do get in touch. We may be able to source the perfect solution for you. As a supplier of garden equipment since 1954, we are experts at knowing what our customers want from their equipment.