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Garden ground cover and weed control netting is used to stop light getting to the surface of the soil. The aim is to stop weeds being able to grow and interfere with your plant's growth. We stock a small and carefully chosen range of products that do just this. Garden ground cover is important if you want to achieve good results from your planting activities.

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There are three different types of ground cover that we offer here at WM James. The first is capillary matting. Capillary matting or aquamatting helps to quickly and evenly distribute water to plants. When it is laid over a flat surface a large number of plants can be watered at the same time. It is commonly used by garden centres to keep their plants healthy. The matting is made using 14 different layers to help disperse the water evenly.

Heavy duty ground cover is another type of garden ground cover that we sell online. This has a couple of different uses in the garden. It can be used on top of soil to stop the light penetrating through and allowing weeds to grow. The square design is useful when designing a new bed. It can also be used underneath stones and gravel on pathways and walkways to stop weeds coming through in those difficult to weed areas.

The final type of ground cover that we sell is porous ground cover. This is ideal for use in borders and raised beds. It allows water and air to flow through the beds while stopping the light from getting to the soils surface. It is very light at just 50gsm and is UV stabilised to prevent rotting and water damage.

If you require any assistance when choosing ground cover or weed control please do get in touch. A member of our experienced team will be happy to help.