Porous Weed Control

Our Porous Weed Control fabric is perfect for keeping raised beds, planters, and borders weed-free in both home and commercial gardens! This membrane effectively blocks light to stifle weed growth while allowing air and water to permeate for healthy soil and plants. Available as a 100m roll.

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Quality Weed Control Sheet for Domestic & Commercial Gardens

Our Porous Weed Control sheet is the ideal solution for maintaining raised beds, planters, and borders. Whether you're a home gardener or manage a commercial horticultural operation, this versatile fabric helps your plants thrive without competing with weeds.

The weed control membrane is made from 50gsm black spun bonded polypropylene, offering a lighter and more flexible option compared to our heavier sheets.

This material balances durability and ease of use, making it strong enough to block weeds while being easy to cut and position according to your garden's needs.

It also allows for excellent water permeability and soil aeration while blocking sunlight from reaching the soil. This promotes healthy plant growth while keeping weeds away, making it essential for both home and commercial gardening.

The polypropylene is UV-stabilised, protecting the fabric from degrading under intense sunlight and ensuring its longevity for maximum weed control.

Each roll is 100 metres long with a choice of widths, so you can choose the exact amount you need and reduce waste.

  • UV-stabilised Porous Weed Control membrane
  • Made from 50gsm black bonded polypropylene
  • 100m roll with various width options
  • Suitable for domestic & commercial use
  • Easy to cut

We also sell a range of gardening knives, which can help you cut your weed control membrane and create weed-free flower beds. Don't forget to add them to your basket!

If you require additional guidance on maintaining weed-free gardens and flowerbeds, please feel free to contact our team. With over 60 years of horticultural expertise, we are always pleased to assist.

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Product Name Porous Weed Control
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