2m Wide Ultra Fine Mesh Insect Protection Netting - 100m Roll

Our Ultra-Fine Mesh Insect Netting supplied on a 100m roll to cover large areas and protect your plants. With a mesh size of 0.22 x 0.80mm, this net will keep the smallest of insects away from crops. The HPDE is UV-stabilised and rot-proof for extra longevity and weather protection.

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Ultra-Fine Insect Mesh Netting for Large Areas

Our Ultra-Fine Insect Mesh Netting on a 100m roll is a cost-effective and reliable way to shield your plants and crops from a range of insects.

Whether you're covering a commercial patch or a large garden, this net is designed to protect your plants from the tiniest of pests, including Carroy Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Cabbage Butterfly, Onion Fly, White Fly, Thrips, and many other small pests.

The 100m roll size ensures you have plenty of coverage for larger areas, making it a practical choice for commercial growers and avid gardeners alike.

The net itself is made from high-quality woven HPDE with secure edges, which is UV-stabilised and rot-proof for added durability. The white colour of the net is very unnoticeable, so it won't disrupt the appearance of your beautiful outdoor space.

It's also easy to install wherever you need it – simply lay the net over your plants and secure it with ground stakes, use cable ties to attach it to trellises or frames, or even drape it over hoops for a DIY plant tunnel.

  • Ultra-fine insect mesh netting made from HDPE
  • UV-stabilised & rot-proof for longevity
  • 0.22mm x 0.80mm mesh size
  • 100m 2m-wide roll for domestic & commercial use
  • Complete with secure edges to prevent rot or decay
  • Net samples available on request

If you need any support or advice choosing the best netting for your garden, please get in touch! Our expert team are always happy to help where they can.

Check out our range of garden pest control products to keep your plants happy and healthy all year round!

More Information
Product Name 2m Wide Ultra Fine Mesh Insect Protection Netting - 100m Roll
Length 100m
Assembly Required No
Width 2m
Usual Delivery Time 3 working days
Unit Each
Material Polyethylene