Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops

UK Made Chicken Coops

Buy high-quality chicken coops from WM James. Keep your chickens protected with our durable range of coops. Read More

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Chicken Coops

Do you need a safe and secure home for your chickens? WM James' top-quality and easy-to-assemble chicken coops are ideal for keeping your chickens safe and healthy.

Keeping chickens is a great way to provide free, fresh eggs for your family, and it's fun too! But you need to make sure that your chickens or hens have a safe home.

Our range of chicken coops gives your feathered friends all the space they need to stretch their wings and roam, plus plenty of room to place chicken houses so they can lay eggs peacefully. 

Using the same easy-to-assemble cage structure as our best-selling fruit cages, these chicken runs will keep your chickens safe from predators and away from harm.

Take your pick from lengths and widths of up to 5 meters, depending on how many chickens you keep and the size of your space.

The cage netting acts as chicken wire to keep your chickens in and to stop other animals from getting in.

Low Chicken Coops

Our low chicken coops provide a secure home for your chickens that won't take up too much space in your garden. These are ideal for chicken keepers with limited space or looking for a more simple coop structure.

Choose from either a steel or an aluminium frame – both offering durability and security.

Walk-in Chicken Coops

Or, if you've got more space to work with, why not consider our walk-in chicken coops? These coops provide plenty of run space for your chickens, and you can even walk in to tend to them.

The cage door is the perfect size for a wheelbarrow to fit through, so you can easily move food and bedding in and out – making life a lot easier when it comes to keeping your chickens happy.

These are particularly great if you want to add in a hen house, nesting boxes or chicken coop accessories.

Plus, you could even use these coops as rabbit hutches or runs too!

Whatever your chicken coop needs, WM James has something to suit. Order now for quick delivery and enjoy watching your chickens run around in their new safe and secure home.


What exactly is a chicken coop?

A chicken coop is a secure and safe home for chickens, providing them with shelter, shade and protection from predators. It gives them plenty of space to roam and typically has a nesting area and perches. You can add in a chicken house and other chicken accessories.

Do chickens need a chicken run?

Yes, chickens need a secure area to roam in and explore safely. They are particularly useful if you are keeping chickens at home in your garden, as it prevents them from eating your flowers or plants and stops predators from getting in.

Do chicken coops need heat in the winter?

Unless you're incubating eggs or if the winter is particularly cold, you won't need to heat your chicken coop..

What size coop do I need for 4 chickens?

It is recommended that you give around 4 square feet of space per chicken. For 4 chickens, you should aim for a 16-square-foot coop.