Heavy-Duty Pond Cover Netting With 50mm Mesh

Use our 50mm Heavy-Duty Pond Netting to protect your ponds, bridges, or roofs from large birds and maintain a tidy, undamaged outdoor space! Manufactured to be heavy-duty and strong, providing the most effective anti-bird protection around water. Simply enter your desired net size below!

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Strong & Long-Lasting Anti-Bird Pond Netting

Our Heavy-Duty Pond Netting provides the most effective protection against herons and similar-sized birds in your garden.

Sold by the square metre, you can customise this pond netting to fit any space perfectly. Whether it’s to use as a pond cover, bridge barrier, or roof protection for garden structures, our netting is the perfect solution to keep birds at bay.

It’s manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene, making it very durable and resistant to sunlight degradation. You won’t need to worry about replacing the net each year, as it’s built to last.

With a 1mm thickness, it’s great for creating an unnoticeable barrier while still being strong enough to withstand the weight of birds landing on it.

The 50mm mesh size is also ideal for keeping out birds typically found around water sources, such as herons. The birds won’t get tangled in the net, but rather it acts as a deterrent for them to stay away from your precious garden.

In addition to being effective at keeping birds away, our netting is also lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it simple to install and remove as needed.

  • Heavy-Duty Pond Netting for bird control
  • Sold per square metre for custom fit
  • Made from UV-stabilised polyethylene
  • 1mm thick 7-strand twisted twine
  • Knotted mesh design for strength & durability
  • Made to a heavy-duty spec to withstand strong talons
  • Suitable for domestic & commercial use

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Free samples of our Heavy-Duty Pond Cover Netting are available upon request. Please call or email us to learn see just how effective our netting can be in protecting your pond and water features from unwanted birds.

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Product Name Heavy-Duty Pond Cover Netting With 50mm Mesh
Assembly Required No
Usual Delivery Time 3 - 7 Working Days
Unit Square Metre
Instruction Please enter the width and height of netting required to calculate the price
Material Polyethylene