Gardening Hand Tools & Knives

Garden Hand Tools

Garden Hand Tools & Knives

From pruning shears to hand trowels, our collection offers the perfect blend of durability and precision to elevate your gardening game. Say goodbye to cheap, flimsy tools and hello to expertly crafted instruments that'll make your neighbours green with envy!

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Gardening Hand Tools

WM James stocks the best quality garden tools online. We sell a great range of garden tools from handpicked brands like Burgon & Ball.

Shopping online is easy with our safe and secure checkout, and you'll get fast delivery, easy-to-contact customer services and quality garden tools at a great price. Shop our collection today; we've got all the hand tools you need to do the job!

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Types Of Gardening Hand Tools

Gardening hand tools come in all shapes and sizes, from forks to secateurs, loppers and shears. Each has its own use for keeping your garden in perfect condition. Types of gardening hand tools include pruning tools, planting tools and weeding tools.

The smaller size allows gardeners to work more delicately with seeds and when pruning plants.

Whether you need garden hand tools for planting, weeding or pruning, we've got a fantastic range to choose from. One of the most popular tools with our customers is the Burgon & Ball hand trowel.

Trowels are great for planting beds and pots, and this tool makes it a breeze!

How To Clean Garden Hand Tools

If you've been using your hand gardening tools on dry ground and soil, you should clean tools off with a stiff wire brush. Hand tools used in muddy or wet conditions should be washed in warm, soapy water first to remove all dirt before being dried and stored in a dry space.

How To Store Garden Hand Tools

Garden hand tools should be cleaned before being stored in a dry area like a shed or conservatory. Garden caddies are a popular way of organising and storing garden tools.

Garden Hand Tools For Weeding

Garden hand tools that can be used for weeding include a hand fork, a trowel or claw cultivator. Larger weeding jobs can be undertaken with shovels, rakes and forks.

Garden Hand Tools For Planting

For planting seeds, you can use your finger to make a small hole in the soil and a compost scoop to cover it over. To transfer plants, garden hand tools like a trowel and fork a more suitable.

Must-Have Garden Hand Tools

Every gardener should have three essential garden hand tools in their shed: a trowel, fork, and secateurs. With these three tools, you can plant, cultivate and enjoy a wide range of plants.