King size victorian bell cloche - Pack of 2

King Size Bells: L40cm x H31cm x D40cm pack of 2
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Victorian Bells are perfect for protecting seedlings, as well as tender and semi-hardy plants. Designed to make gardening easier and allow the maximum amount of sunlight to be captured at any angle, they provide the ideal conditions for over wintering herbaceous border plants and less hardy perennials. You can also use them for warming the soil prior to planting. Simply place them on the area to be planted a few weeks before then remove to plant your plant. They are great for growing flowers or planting vegetables such as courgettes as they provide the perfect atmosphere to give the plant a head start. They are especially useful if you are growing melons or other plants that require a long growing season. Made from high grade UV stabilised plastic, they have an adjustable air vent on top for easy ventilation and humidity control.
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Product Name King size victorian bell cloche - Pack of 2