Gifts For Allotment Owners

Gifts For Allotment Owners

Hand-Picked Gifts For Allotment Owners

Find the perfect gift for the allotment owner in your life with WM James' range of allotment gifts. No matter what the occasion or season, choose from our hand-picked selection of allotment tools and accessories for a practical gift they're sure to love.

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Allotment Gifts For Every Season & Budget

Here at WM James & Co we sell a large range of allotment gifts suited to all types of allotment owners from novice to seasoned pros. Shop slug deterrents, storage for seeds, and garden tools and give the perfect allotment gift, whatever the occasion.

With over 50 years of experience in the gardening industry, we know what makes a great gardening gift. Whether the recipient of your gift is growing vegetables, herbs, or succulents, we have plenty of high-quality products that make perfect gifts for friends and family. 

Recommended Allotment Gifts Under £15

If you’re on a budget browse or range of allotment gifts under £15. Our Rain Gauge is a best seller throughout the year, along with our gift vouchers that can be used in our online store.

Tubtrugs also make a great gift because they can be used for a range of jobs on the allotment from carrying produce to storing clippings. These tubs are available in three colours and have a huge 26 litre capacity - the only problem you’ll have is knowing how to wrap it! 

Recommended Allotment Gifts Over £15

For those with a budget over £15 we’ve got some great recommendations that will put a smile on your gift recipient's face! 

At only £23.99 our seed packet organiser tin makes the perfect accompaniment to our seed packets meaning you can give two practical gifts for under £30. 

Likewise, Burgon & Ball’s traditional trug is made by hand and oozes quality. Pair this with a set of snippers and you’ve got a great gift set for harvesting and carrying vegetables back to the kitchen ready for prep!

With over 50 years of gardening expertise under our belt you can shop with confidence at WM James knowing you’ll find the perfect allotment gifts for you family and friends that have been tried and tested by our highly experienced team.


What Gift Should I Buy Someone With Limited Gardening Experience?

If you’re buying an allotment gift for a gardening beginner we recommend choosing basic hand tools like a trowel or hand fork. These tools make great gifts because they are used all the time in the garden, plus it’s something your beginner gardener will use when they're just starting out to when they become a gardening expert!

What Allotment Gifts Are Best For Someone With Advanced Gardening Skills And Knowledge?

Buying a gift for an expert gardener can be a challenge as their shed is likely full of lots of weird and wonderful equipment they’ve collected over the years. Our go-to recommendation would be either a gift card, so they can choose what they need, or consumable items like pest control products which they will use all the time. It will save them having to buy them for a few months!

Are There Any Seasonal Allotment Gifts Suitable For Specific Times Of The Year?

During the main growing season plant and vegetable protection is top priority so products like a low vegetable cage or insect netting will definitely be welcome. When it comes to winter, gardeners are more concerned about protecting against the elements than pests. So, plant jackets, fleece tunnels and cloches make perfect seasonal gifts.

Are There Allotment Gifts Tailored For Urban Or Balcony Gardening?

Urban and balcony gardening is gaining popularity and we’ve added lots of products to our site to cater for this type of gardening. Due to the limited space for growing plants and vegetables we recommend gifting pots and planters like our Vigoroot Balcony Garden. This planter maximies vertical space allowing your to grow more with this. Collapsible planters are also a great option.