Gifts That Keep On Growing: The Ultimate Guide To Gardening Presents For Plant Lovers

Gifts That Keep On Growing: The Ultimate Guide To Gardening Presents For Plant Lovers

Discover the perfect gardening presents for the plant enthusiast in your life with our ultimate guide! From tools to seeds, let William James & Co. help you find the ideal gift!

Gardening presents are the perfect way to show your appreciation for a green-thumbed friend or family member.

We have a ton of gardening goodies that will make a superb gift for any plant lover. In fact, we have a whole collection just for that! From professional seed and cutting trays to handy garden tools and even innovative garden structures for a more special gift, we've got loads for you to choose from.

We've put together a list of our top gardening presents that we know will go down a treat. Whether they have been gardening for years or just starting out, these thoughtful gifts will keep on growing along with their garden.

The Wellie Wiper: Gardening Gift Ideas For Lovers Of The Outdoors

Whether you're gift giving to a garden lover or an outdoor enthusiast, a wellie wiper is a great practical gift and essential tool.

Great for returning from a dog walk or National Trust stroll, or tidying up after a hard work in the vegetable patch, garden lovers need this great gift to make their life easier!

The WM James Coated Metal Wellie Wiper features 4 stiff brushes for deep cleaning all around. The strong metal coating makes it ideal for outdoor use, adding it to the list of gardening tool gifts that last and last.

WM James Sunbubble: The Best Gardening Gifts To Transform Your Garden

The Sunbubble is a 2m by 2.8m bubble that not only offers a functional greenhouse but creates an eye-catching sunspot in your garden.

Appealing to young gardeners as much as experienced ones, this sunbubble traps heat faster than a traditional greenhouse. Its spherical shape allows for its surface to remain at a 90 degree angle to the sun's rays all day long with minimum reflection, expanding the time your plants can have access to heat and sunlight.

The unique style of the sunbubble creates an Eden Project in your own garden! Gift to a special someone and offer inspiration to grow exotic plants they never imagined they could before!

Stylish Planters For The Best Gardening Themed Gift

From terrariums and hanging baskets to window boxes and planter stands, there are plenty of stylish planters that make for the best gardening gifts.

Add a personal touch with bright colours and fun prints, or if you’re looking to give something truly unique, why not go for a modern look? 

You can even make composting exciting with the William James Beehive Composter, disguising your healthy soil essential within a chic wood finish to add character to your garden.

Offer personalised touches to your special someone's garden with William James patio planters and wooden planters and give a styled look that will make the neighbours think the garden has been professionally landscaped!

Garden gifts can be tricky to find, especially for those without a lot of outdoor space. Our range of planters offers a number of sizes and styles, suitable for any garden space.

Treat your flatmate to a Balcony Garden planter and inspire them to get their fingers green. Experiment with herb boxes for delicious dishes, or delicate pansies for decorating balconies and making the most of the space on offer.

Green Gadgets: Modern Gifts For Gardeners

Garden gifts don’t always have to be traditional - sometimes the best garden presents are the ones that work with modern technology!

Introduce your gardening friend to a new age of outdoor living, or treat experienced and keen vegetable growing enthusiasts to pH testers and modern gardening tools to get their vegetable patches just right.

Soil testing with pH testers is a great way to regulate soil for a more in-tune, modern approach to crop growing for the home gardener. 

Green-fingered loved ones will be overjoyed to receive William James' smart irrigation system products. For developed gardening approaches to healthy soil and crops, William James has everything you need to give the gift of perfect practical tools for unique gardening gifts.

Modern Gifts For Gardeners

Get It Right: The Best Gardening Presents With A William James Gift Card

No matter the occasion, gardening gifts are perfect for all occasions. From practical accessories to decorative ornaments, plants and more, you’ll be sure to find something that will bring a smile to your loved one's face.

If you're stuck for the perfect gift ideas, give the gift of choice with a William James gift card. Perfect for those wanting to give an item that is tailored to the individual, this is one of the best gardening presents available.

Gift cards can be used on any items in our store, including clothing and accessories, practical tools, garden decor and more!

Available in a range of prices, our gift cards can be tailored to exactly the sort of gift you'd like to give. They're the perfect answer for every gardening gift.

The Perfect Gardening Gifts Are Chosen With Love

Whether you’re shopping for experienced gardeners or those just starting out, William James has a range of products to suit any need and budget.

Make the most of our guide to find the best gardening presents this season - no matter who you're buying for, or what their level of gardening skill is, there's something unique and special out there. 

Whether it's the perfect gardening tool or a classic planter that will last a lifetime, our Ultimate Guide to Gardening Presents for Plant Lovers can help you find the ideal gift this season.


What To Buy Someone With An Allotment?

There are so many gifts that would be perfect for someone with an allotment. Getting them all the essential tools they need for growing their fruit and veg will come in handy. Tubtrugs, seed packet organisers and a tool and tuck box are also perfect.

Shop William James' range of sturdy and stylish raised bed bases, perfect for vegetable growing.

How Do You Make A Garden Gift Basket?

Garden gift baskets should include necessary practical garden tools, a selection of decorative items for the garden, and perhaps even some treats or snacks!

Shop William James range of gardening tools, for gift options. Even better, shop our garden Caddy as a unique way of displaying your gifts, doubling up as an additional storage basket gift itself!

What To Give Someone Who Loves Gardening?

Gardening gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. From stylish accessories to decorative ornaments, plants and more! However, you can't go wrong with practical tools as a functional and thoughtful garden gift.

Browse our range of tools to find your perfect gardening presents!

What Are Good Garden Gifts For Flat Owners?

Does your special someone rent or own a flat? Don't deprive them of the gardening experience. William James' Balcony Planter offers so many options when it comes to indoor gardening or utilising valuable balcony space.

Shop now with a William James gift card and let your loved one experiment with their own balcony garden!

What Are Unusual Gardening Gifts?

Gardening gifts don't have to be boring. Deviate from plants and offer up ornaments and decorative lights, to add colour and character to your loved one's garden.

Why not purchase a WM James Beehive Composter to offer practicality and unique design for a quirky garden gift that doubles up for function and ornamental design?