Bird Netting

Bird Netting For Gardens

Garden Bird Netting

Our bird netting is the perfect way to keep birds away from your garden. It's easy to install and is available in a variety of sizes and colours. Durable, strong and lightweight, this netting is the ideal solution for protecting your plants and fruits from pesky birds. Buy yours today and keep your garden pest-free! Read More

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Bird Pest Control Netting

Are pesky birds eating away at your hard-earned fruits and veggies? Bird netting for your garden is a great solution to your bird pest control problems!

Birds are known for being a bit of a nuisance when it comes to harvesting crops and vegetables in gardens, allotments, orchards and greenhouses. But putting in place mesh netting is a really effective way to deter these feathered pests.

At Wm James, we offer a variety of bird netting options to help you keep those birds away. From pigeon netting to all-purpose garden netting to mesh netting for your fruit cages, we’re your go-to for all things bird netting!

Anti-bird Netting

Our anti-bird netting comes in a range of different mesh sizes, so it's ideal for whatever your anti-bird needs. For covering soft fruit bushes or fruit trees, our fruit netting is lightweight to ensure that your plants remain safe and your yield is plentiful.

Roof Netting

And for covering fruit cages, we have fruit cage side and roof netting that’s strong and durable and can keep out even small birds.

We can even cut your garden netting to size to make sure you get the perfect fit for whatever your bird netting needs are.

Browse through our selection of bird netting and put a stop to those pesky birds once and for all!


What is the best bird netting?

Anti-bird netting from WM James is the best bird netting for all of your garden needs. Our range of netting comes in a variety of mesh sizes to ensure maximum effectiveness. Strong, durable and UV-resistant – it's the perfect solution to all of your bird pest control problems. Take a look at our range now!

How do you secure bird netting down?

The best way to hold netting down is with pegs or steel vine eyes. Make sure your garden net pegs are secured firmly into the ground to ensure that your netting stays put. Your anti-bird netting should be taut to make sure it's effective in keeping birds away.

Does netting deter pigeons?

Pigeon netting is a great way to deter pigeons from your garden. Whether you're using it for covering fruit frames or for protecting your property, our bird pest control nets are designed to be the best at keeping birds away.

What is the best material for bird netting?

Our bird netting is made using UV-stabilised polypropylene, a strong, lightweight and durable material that's ideal for protecting your crops from pesky birds. It also comes in a range of mesh sizes to make sure you get the perfect fit for your anti-bird needs.