Garden Fabric

Garden Fabric

Garden Fabric

Garden fabric is completely versatile and comes in handy for a whole range of garden needs. From ground cover to windbreak netting, garden fleece and more, you can find the perfect fabric for your garden at WM James. Read More

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W M James Garden Fabric

Gardens are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes we need a little bit of extra help to keep our gardens in tip-top shape.

Garden fabric can help out with a whole range of garden problems!

Whether you’re looking for a weed control fabric, weed liner, garden fleece or windbreak netting, we've got a great choice.

Garden Ground Covers

Our weed-control fabric covers are ideal for laying on your flower beds to keep weeds at bay, creating a barrier between the soil and any pesky weeds that may be trying to grow through.

Whether you're using the cover for your home garden or commercial nursery, the fabric will help to keep weeds under control and your garden looking its best.

Other Garden Fabric

Not only do we have solutions to weed control, but we also have a range of other garden fabrics that are practical for any garden – commercial or domestic.

Our windbreak netting is great for protecting your plants against harsh winds, and our range of garden fleece provides a snug and warm layer of insulation to keep plants safe during the colder months.

No matter your plant problem, our garden fabric can be the ideal solution. Shop our great range of products online today at WM James!

Can't find the size you need? Contact our team, and we can cut your garden fabric or net to the size you require!


What is the best garden fabric to use?

WM James' range of garden fabric is the ideal solution to a whole array of garden problems. If you're trying to stop weeds from growing, then our weed-control ground cover fabric would be the best choice.

For insulation and protection against harsh winds, our range of garden fleece and windbreak netting is the perfect solution.

Should I use fabric in my garden?

Using fabric in your garden can provide a whole array of benefits. Weed control fabric can keep weeds under control, while other fabrics such as fleece plant covers and windbreak netting can provide protection and insulation for your plants.

What is the best weed control fabric?

Our heavy-duty ground cover works fantastically to keep weeds from growing through to the soil. The weed membrane works by creating an impenetrable layer, making weeds unable to take root in your garden bed.

Can you put weed control fabric over weeds?

Yes! Once you have your weed control fabric, simply lay it down over the flower bed or area you want to cover, and the fabric will create an impenetrable barrier between weeds and soil.

Does landscape fabric really help?

Landscape fabric, or weed control fabric, does a great job at keeping weeds from growing and competing with your plants for nutrients and water. If you're looking to lower maintenance in your garden, then investing in weed control fabric is certainly a great start! We have a great selection of fabrics to choose from at WM James..