Heavy Duty Garden Netting

Garden Netting For Every Job

Find the perfect garden netting solution for your outdoor space with WM James. We stock over 20 types of garden netting and with 50+ years in the industry, we understand the unique needs of British gardens. Our netting isn’t just about protection; it's about nurturing a thriving garden. Order online today for fast UK delivery and get free delivery when you spend over £100!


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Strong Garden Netting

WM James heavy-duty garden netting is the perfect solution for protecting your fruit and vegetables from pesky grazers and garden intruders! Made with UV-resistant, anti-rot materials – you can be sure our netting will stand the test of time.

There's nothing worse than when you find your hard work has been grazed on by all kinds of pests, large or small. Get a step ahead with heavy-duty netting solutions and let your garden flourish.

For larger scale problems, our deer netting is a perfect hard defence against the notorious nibblers. Create handy fencing solutions and rabbit-proof wraps using the Treex expanding mesh.

If you're looking for replacement netting for your fruit or veg cages, our 18mm nets are perfectly designed to prevent attacks from overhead, creating the ultimate barrier against birds, butterflies and other insects.

If garden improvements are your plan, why not take a look at our pond netting and decking netting?

We have a huge range of net solutions to protect your pond life and enhance your decking for safety and style, providing you with a beautiful landscape garden!

Shop our heavy-duty netting solutions today and create the resilient yet beautiful garden of your dreams!


What type of garden netting is strongest?

Our heavy-duty plastic garden netting is designed to be strong and long-lasting, perfect for keeping out pesky birds, deer and other garden nuisances. Designed with UV protection, our netting is rot-proof, creating the ultimate defence against wildlife and the elements.

How do you secure a net over a raised bed?

Fruit cages are the ultimate solution for raised bed garden protection. WM James also stocks plant support netting to sit over your raised beds and support the growth of your above-ground veggies. Shop here to explore our options!

How do you secure ground garden netting?

Ground garden netting requires pegs or stakes to install. Check out our selection of heavy-duty garden pegs and metal posts, perfect for securing all your netting solutions.

Does garden netting help with wind protection?

Yes! Garden netting can be used to create windbreaks and shelter for your delicate plants. Our pond netting creates the perfect barrier against wind carrying debris that can rest on your pond's surface and cause pollution. Shop now for a range of garden netting options.