40m Long Flexible Plant Ties In Green & Brown

It's tough to keep your plants securely in place, but these flexible plant ties defy time and leave no marks on tender garden leaves. These durable ties wrap around your plants without being too tight and can be re-used year after year! Perfect for large or easily toppled plants that need a little extra security.
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Flexi tie 40m long

No more tying messy knots in the garden - here's a garden helper that grows with the plant! Introducing an easy, quick, and clever way to secure plants for any season, our flexible plant ties can be wrapped around branches and stems without chaffing or cutting into delicate bark.

With these wraps-that-grow-with-your-plants, even young perennials won't slip out of place after transplanting or maintenance trimming. These tough garden helpers securely hold plants and branches in place and keeps them as tight as you need them to be!


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Product Name 40m Long Flexible Plant Ties In Green & Brown
SKU Flexi tie 40m long
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