Raised Beds & Planters

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Raised beds & patio planters are becoming more and more popular with gardeners. They are especially popular with those wanting to grow their own flowers, vegetables and herbs. It's possible to grow a range of different plants, fruits and vegetables in raised beds. The most popular types that people choose to grow are strawberries, carrots and potatoes. Alpines are also popular as they get the benefits from the improved soil drainage.

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Gardeners often use raised beds to create smaller plots that offer better protection against pests like snails and slugs. Raised beds and patio planters help to promote better soil drainage and increase the soil temperature in the colder months. A top tip is to use good quality topsoil enriched with fertiliser and other types of organic matter. The result is optimum conditions for roots to thrive and grow. As well as being better for the plants they are easier to maintain for people with mobility issues.

Another benefit raised beds and patio planters offer is that they can be used in a variety of different scenarios. Here at William James, we have a variety of styles and sizes to suit every garden. Some patio planters are best used on patios where it is not possible to gain access directly to the soil. Other products like the raised bed/sandpit sit on top of grassed and gravelled areas providing a decorative effect.

Raised beds and patio planters have become so popular in recent years. Because of this we have extended our range with the new addition of the Rowlinson Marberry patio planters. As gardeners realise the benefits of growing their own vegetables, raised beds & patio planters are proving invaluable. That's because they allow you to grow in small areas or locations with unsuitable soil. We have been supplying gardeners with high quality gardening netting, tools and equipment for over 60 years. We love sharing our advice and experience which you can find in our blog.