Tomato Crop Booster Frame & Cover

Tomato grower frame with poly cover
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Innovative tomato growing frame with Tenderbrace™ (patent pending) support system to support tomato plants and lead to higher yields. Use over tomato grow bags, pots, containers or over tomatoes planted in the ground. The easy to move clips allow easy adjustment as your tomato plants grow. So no more wrestling with canes and pieces for string. The frame also supports the tomato plants gently so that the stems do not get damaged and become susceptible to disease. Tomato crop-booster Frame cover- A cover for the Tomato Crop-Booster Frame that helps tomatoes to ripen by providing the ideal conditions. The cover turns the frame into a mini greenhouse, ideal for protecting tomato plants from adverse weather and pests while ripening fruit and extending the growing season.
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Product Name Tomato Crop Booster Frame & Cover