Heavy Duty Weed Control - Per Metre

Our Heavy-Duty Weed Control fabric effectively keeps your flower beds clear of weeds. Made from 100gsm woven polypropylene, it blocks light to stop weed growth and still lets water and air to flow, keeping your plants and soil healthy.

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UV-Stabilised Weed Control Fabric

Our Heavy-Duty Weed Control membrane will keep your flower beds and gravelled areas free of weeds without the need for harsh chemicals or constant maintenance.

This tough weed barrier blocks out light, naturally stopping weed growth. It's made from 100gsm woven polypropylene, which lets air and water through, ensuring your plants' roots and soil stay healthy by receiving all the essential nutrients and moisture they need.

It's also UV-stabilised, meaning it can withstand the sun for long periods without breaking down, offering durable and effective weed control.

The membrane features a grid pattern that makes it easy to plant your flowers or shrubs evenly. Simply cut holes where you need them for precise, organised planting. Plus, it's not just for flower beds – you can use it under gravel or bark, too, making it a versatile option for all kinds of landscaping projects.

This landscape fabric is available in 1-metre widths and can be purchased by the metre, so you only buy as much as you need for your project.

  • Heavy-duty weed control membrane made from 100gsm black polypropylene
  • Sold per metre at 1-metre widths
  • UV-stabilised for prolonged use
  • Can be easily cut to fit any shape or size
  • Chemical-free weed solution for home & commercial use

We also offer a variety of gardening knives to help you cut your weed control membrane for neat, weed-free flower beds.

If you need more advice on keeping your garden and flower beds weed-free, feel free to contact our team. With over 60 years of horticultural experience, we're here to help.

More Information
Product Name Heavy Duty Weed Control - Per Metre
Length 1m
Unit Per Metre
Material Polypropylene