Surprising Uses for Egg Shells

Surprising Uses for Egg Shells

Surprising uses for Egg Shells 

Next time you crack an egg ready to cook don’t be so quick to throw the shell away. Not only do eggs have multiple uses, but their shells are quite handy too!


The shells themselves are packed full of essential nutrients such as calcium which are beneficial to your plants, as such they are great to use in your compost.

Face Mask

With all that calcium and nutrients it’s no surprise that eggs and their shells make good rejuvenating face masks. Pulverize clean dried egg shells with a mortar and pestle, then mix them with an egg white. Spread onto your skin and allow to dry before washing off.

Skin Irritations

Drop an eggshell into some cider vinegar and let it soak for a few days. The mixture can then be used to dab on minor skin irritations or itchy skin.

Start Some Seedlings

Fill an egg carton with empty clean egg shell halves and poke a hole in for drainage.  Add some potting soil and a couple of seeds into each shell. When the seedlings are big enough for transplanting, crack the shell at the bottom and plant them, including the shell, into the ground – it’s all biodegradable after all.

Plant Booster

Let your hard-boiled-egg water cool, and use it to water your plants. The shells contain a high amount of calcium that your plants will love.

Better Tasting Coffee 

Does your coffee taste too bitter? If so add some crushed egg shells to the ground coffee before brewing. When you’ve finished with them throw them onto your compost heap.

Ground Egg Shells

Household Cleaner - Ground egg shells make a wonderful abrasive for those tough to clean pots and pans. Mix them with a little soapy water for a powerful clean.

Unclog Drains - Keep some ground shells in your sink strainer. When they break down they’ll clean your pipes on their way out.

Slug Repellent - Crush eggshells and scatter them around your garden to fend off unwelcome slugs and snails. The egg smell will also deter deer too.

Cat Deterrent - If you’ve got a problem with cats littering your garden, try scattering crushed up egg shells in the areas they litter. Cats will not want to walk over the sharp shells.