Blow me down, I have a new fruit cage!

Mr Goring contacted us to tell us how pleased he was with his new fruit cage, which replaced the one he lost to the severe weather last winter, read on to see what he said...

I was rather unfortunate to be the vicitim of last winters exceptionally windy weather, where upon my prized fruit cage was destroyed by some almighty fierce winds.

Undeterred I began the arduous task of recreating the fruit and veg plot with enhancements to improve the weather resistance of my new WM James fruit cage which I ordered from the WM James website.

I began with a complete overhaul of the area with a new footing to accept the new raised beds and cage. Blockwork was then added to level the area and 10 tonnes of top soil delivered to form the raised beds. 450mm raised beds with scalping path laid on weed matting created the raised bed area and the cage was inserted over the beds and secured via the block work at the bases.

The cage is now secure and after some back breaking and painstaking work I am now ready to 'grow my own' fruit and veg with a brand new WM James fruit cage.


Loris Goring, Brixham

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