Spring is just around the corner: the days are getting longer, sunny days are becoming more frequent and many of you are tweeting pictures of your first bulbs appearing. March's jobs mainly consist of tidying up your garden, preparing the seedbeds and cutting back your winter shrubs - here are our experts tips:

  • Plant snowdrops ready for next winter
  • Prepare your vegetable seed beds
  • Plant onions, shallots and early potatoes - use fertilizer to give extra energy to make your veg taste better
  • Sow Vegetable seeds such as carrots, radishes and lettuce
  • Protect your crops from slugs and snails
  • Encourage strawberries to fruit earlier by covering them with a cloche
  • Order fruit trees for planting in spring
  • Start sowing your bedding plant seeds in the greenhouse
  • Keep on top of your weeding
  • Repair damaged edges on lawns


Onions   digging  start