After a recent purchase of a William James Fruit Cage, one of our customers was delighted with the outcome and sent us the following e-mail.

"All done, the net went on really easy and both of us are very pleased with final outcome, it looks very professional.
Excellent service, we got there in the end with the right result.
Thank you and your company."

A few days later, he contacted us again with the above images.

"Attached some pictures, but without netting on top as we had new canes growing and thoughtit was best to wait till top is required more next growing season, hope we don't get the snow but just in case we have stored it.
Hope you think I have done a good job, I am only a Motor Vehicle Technian / Tutor by trade.
Already had good feedback from our relations and next door, well impressed.
We even have our Bumble Bee House we won in the middle lower left of third picture, these Bees were under sheds replaced by cage, managed to move them and they are fine.
Thanks again."

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