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Pond Netting

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  1. Pond Netting - Heavy Duty 50mm Mesh
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  2. Pond safety netting
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Pond netting can be used for many different reasons in the garden. For those with small children or grandchildren it is an important safety feature. Covering a pond with netting can prevent children from falling in and potentially drowning, even in shallow water.

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The best type of netting for this is heavy duty pond netting. Our pond safety netting can easily support the weight of an adult when installed correctly. This type of netting is actually more commonly used on construction sites for workers to walk on when working at height.

Another reason people may wish to use pond netting in their garden is to protect fish and wildlife. Covering a pond with netting can help to prevent birds and other animals from entering the pond and eating fish or frogs. Herons are a common problem for people with fish and this netting can be used to deter them.

Ponds that are near trees often get filled with leaves and debris which can be frustrating to deal with continually. Netting can help to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the pond. This makes pond maintenance much easier. It also helps you to keep a healthy pond that is free from mouldy leaves and twigs.

Pond netting is versatile and can be used for other applications. Bridges and rooves can also have pond netting attached to them as an effective bird deterrent solution. Anywhere birds are a problem, this netting can be used. Our pond netting is made from knotted netting and has a 50mm mesh size.