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Buy Quality Garden Tools Online

WM James has been selling quality garden tools since 1964. We stock the best gardening tools from brands like Burgon & Ball and gardening tools endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the UK's leading gardening charity. From garden forks to pruning tools our online tool store has everything you need for a productive afternoon in the garden.

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Garden Spades & Forks

A garden spade is an essential tool, especially if you regularly plant fruit and vegetables in your garden. The best garden spades have a stainless steel head and wooden handles to make digging and turning soil effortless. Our favourite spade is the Burgon & Ball Long Handled Spade which is available to buy online. It's perfect for breaking tough ground and working in raised beds.

Garden forks are another staple for the budding gardener. Much like spades, the key things to look for when buying a garden fork is the prong material and the handle. Stainless steel prongs and a hardwood shaft are the best choices here; however other materials like aluminium can also be used.


Garden Tools For Pruning & Tidying

The best garden tools for pruning tend to be smaller hand tools like a hand fork and trowel. This makes getting stuck into garden plants that need a good trim much easier!

Our range of secateurs is perfect if you need a garden tool to help with pruning small plants. You can use them to deal with delicate plants and get into hard to reach areas. They're perfect for small hands and feature stainless steel blades and comfortable grips. Our favourite pair of professional shears are the Burgon and Ball Bypass Secateur.

Larger cutting tools for dealing with trees and big bushes can also be found in our online shop. Our telescopic loppers are one of our most popular products thanks to the build quality and ease of use.

Similarly, tools that help with tidying like a garden rake and our handheld leaf grabber, designed for gathering leaves quickly, are perfect additions to your tool shed.


Gardening Tool Storage & Accessories

If you need somewhere to keep your gardening gloves and gardening tools once you've finished planting and weeding, we've got some fantastic products to help.

In fact, we've just added a brand new garden caddy to our website, which can hold a wide range of tools. It also has a lovely beechwood handle which is perfectly smooth and easy to grip.


Quality Garden Tools Since 1954

When you buy from WM James you can be confident that all of our tools are of the highest quality and standards. Our quality garden tools are ergonomically designed to provide maximum value and ease of use from our shears to our spades.

If you need any help choosing the best gardening tools or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact our team of gardening experts who will assist.