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Rearing and caring for livestock is the dream of many allotment owners and small holders. The great thing about keeping chickens is that with little experience and a bit of research, anybody with enough space can install a chicken coop on their plot. Chickens are relatively easy to care for and you get the benefit of both eggs and meat.

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Choosing a chicken coop is an important process. There are general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are choosing the right chicken coop. You should try to allocate at least 2 square feet per bird in the coop. The RSPCA has some great advice on keeping chickens both commercially and as pets.

The chicken coop that we have for sale is suitable for up to six chickens. It has internal perches and a nesting box. The coop is also raised off the floor making it harder for animals like foxes to gain access to the coop. To make it easy to clean and maintain it also has a removable slide out floor that can be accessed from the rear door.

As well as a chicken coop most people will also need a chicken run. A chicken run provides a safe space for your flock to explore during the day. The space required for each chicken within the chicken run is around 8-10 square feet per bird. This varies by size of bird and breed. Our poultry cages and runs are made from high quality aluminium posts and netting. Galvanised mesh can be added to the lower level to provide extra protection.

Ensuring that you have everything prepared for when your chickens arrive is very important. You should make sure that you have food and bedding as well as the coop and run. Looking after chickens is also a great way to introduce children to looking after animals.