Gifts for Allotment Owners

Gifts for Allotment Owners

So, What Do You Buy Someone Who Has An Allotment?


There are thousands of people, old and young, who grow fruit and vegetables on an allotment that they rent - or even own.

It can be a very rewarding hobby because not only does it get you out amongst nature, but is a great way to exercise and keep fit.

If you know a friend, colleague or loved one who spends time weeding, sowing, planting and maintaining their cherished gardens, then they could benefit from our selection of gifts for allotment owners that like to grow things.

From fruit cages to bespoke planters, hand tools to netting solutions - you'll find everything you need at WM James to make them feel like you've put plenty of thought into their favourite pastime!

Let's take a look, as we write about some of our favourite gardening gifts from our shop to help inspire you to choose the most suitable present for the gardener in your life.


1. Bespoke Planters


Wooden Planter for Allotment Owners


Often a centrepiece of any well-maintained allotment, a planter box is a great way to spread seeds, grow vegetables or plant flowers in.

Our social media accounts indicate that a perfect display of herbs, in a bespoke planter, have made wonderful wedding gifts for our customers over the years!

Space on an allotment can be at a premium. So having a planter or two really helps to keep things compact and tidy.


Why do planters make the ideal gift for allotment owners?


They are also a popular item amongst beginners because they can be easy to maintain, and if looked after properly - your plants or herbs will thrive!

Is an allotment essential for all gardening lovers? We think so!

Here are three of our most popular allotment planters that make a great gift for an upcoming birthday, or special occasion.



2. Gardening Hand Tools


Gardening Hand Tools for Allotment Owners


The ultimate gift for allotment owners, a hand tool can make a gardeners life much easier!

Whether it's a simple hand fork for removing weeds in the garden or a cultivator to break up and aerate soil ready to grow plants, W M James stock a wide variety so you can treat someone special to a gift that'll they'll love and use.

Other key tools that gardeners find pretty handy include pruners and loppers, which are great for trimming or cutting overgrown branches.

Or how about a bulb planter that can really cut down on time as they prepare to grow a range of plants, whilst also reducing the need to kneel or bend down.

We can't forget traditional secateurs either, which have always been a firm favourite with our customers who desire a great gift for an allotment owner.

Have you managed to find the perfect gift?

We have highlighted three best sellers below to make allotment gardening easy with a hand tool from W M James.


Popular Hand Tools


3. Fruit Cage Netting


Fruit Cage Netting for Allotments


What exactly is fruit cage netting, and why would an allotment or garden owner want this as a gift?

That is a very good question, for which we can gladly answer for you.

Any produce that you grow typically has a much shorter lifespan when left unprotected, usually due to pests (often moaned about by allotment gardeners all year round), this kind of netting is an excellent solution to this problem.

Importantly, garden owners find it easy to install, it's generally long-lasting and protects your produce while it grows, providing the climate is right.

It really is the ideal present for any gardener that grows this kind of produce.

You will find a plethora of netting at W M James, designed to fit all shapes and sizes of structures.

It may not sound like an 'inspiration gift', but allotment gardeners love them.


Top Sellers

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4. Allotment Tunnels


Allotment Tunnels


These may not sound like conventional gifts for garden owners, but a walk around any outdoor space where vegetables are been grown should reveal plenty of tunnels!

Ideal for use in late spring, summer and early autumn, an allotment tunnel (or garden tunnel) offer plenty of protection against birds, bees and butterflies.

Shade can play its part, and a tunnel can offer this when placed strategically over a vegetable plot.

WM James offers an array of garden tunnels to promote growth, such as those with drawstring open ends, or polytunnel options that offer even greater protection from frost.

Did we mention that we offer free delivery if you spend just a tenner? That's another great way to save money on finding the perfect gifts for allotment owners everywhere.

We have listed three tough, protective tunnels that gardeners will find useful below, taken from our website.



5. Allotment Storage


Allotment Storage


Where do gardeners store all their gadgets and accessories?

Any serious allotment owners will want to keep their prized tools safe, secure and as organised as possible, which is why some sort of garden storage solution is important when maintaining a well-run outdoor space.

We wouldn't expect you to wrap up a shed or potting bench for Christmas, but most do come with free delivery, which helps right?

From bin stores to handcrafted wooden storage chests, WM James knows exactly what it takes to keep an allotment tidy.

Where height can be limited, or space at a premium, we build and deliver a range of storage options so if you are at your wits end in your search to find gifts for allotment owners - fear not, as we can assist with any allotment enquiries you may have.

So, let's take a look at some of our storage gift ideas for your loved ones much-cherished garden...



6. Allotment Maintenance


Allotment Maintenance


Running a successful outdoor space can be challenging.

It can be a true test of a gardeners horticultural know-how, but if maintained correctly, a well-kept garden area can yield plenty of fresh vegetables the whole family can enjoy.

If you have landed here without a clue what running an allotment is about, fear not, as we explain (briefly!) some of the important utensils used in allotment gardening.

A spade. Not just any old spade either.

Long-handled spades, such as our stainless steel perennial spade, is used to slice through perennial plants with absolute ease.

It really is your typical 'hands and knees' style of gardening where plenty of digging power is required.

A great gift, and it may be worth keeping an eye on our spade category shop where you may find some exclusive offers coming up!

PS. If you do intend on wrapping a spade for Christmas, try not to make it too obvious as to what it is!

Next up is the garden caddy, which is a simple carry box where gardeners store smaller hand tools such as a fork, trowel or secateurs or other accessories such as gloves. There is also plenty of room for a pack of seeds.

Place in a Christmas gift box, add a ribbon and it really would make the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

There are many more useful gifts you could choose for that special person, such as a kneeling mat, which can be a godsend, a plant spacing ruler and dibblet (a device for planting seeds) and a selection of knives that can be used for harvesting or cutting asparagus.



7. Netting Solutions


Allotment Netting


Nets are so versatile that allotment owners use them for everything!

From simple plastic netting to support plants, tree nets, shade netting and nets that keep out insects and wildlife such as rats, birds and butterflies, they are even useful in a greenhouse for indoor plants.

If you are still stuck for gift ideas in your search, perhaps for Christmas, then maybe a net could be a good choice?


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  1. 20mm Heavy Duty Anti Bird Netting (Fruit Cage Top Net)
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  2. 20mm Heavy Duty Anti Bird Netting (Fruit Cage Top Net)
    20mm Black Fruit Cage Netting
    £1.50 Square Metre Incl. VAT

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The best gifts for allotment owners are ones that they will appreciate and use.

We hope our list helps you find the perfect present! Whether that's fleece fabric designed to keep out bees, an Eco-Friendly Plant Pot Making Set or netting for trees, we hope our article has offered you inspiration in your search for gift ideas for allotment owners.

For over 60 years, we have been making and designing a range of outdoor garden netting, fruit cages and accessories. As more of us turn to growing fresh food, our aim is to provide bespoke products designed to be reliable, but also great value for money.

If we can help you choose the right gift for Christmas, a wedding, birthday or other special occasions, please do not hesitate to contact us.